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Snow Update: She’s A Rock Star Circus Pony

Posted by Krisann on Sep 2nd 2016

Our original plan (with our vet) was to wait until this fall to test Snow for Cushing’s Disease because the test would be more accurate. However, despite the diet change, supplements, restricted … read more

Walking In On The Unexpected

Posted by Krisann on Jul 21st 2016

This past Saturday was going like any other — I had just gotten home from selling soap at the local farmers market, my car full of the stock I brought back with me, I was a hot and sweaty mess, … read more

Farms, That Sixth Sense & Jumping Ship

Posted by Krisann on Nov 12th 2015

Well hello, World! Long time. Yeah, I know. Hush. I would start off by saying that it has been a busy couple of months, but I honestly think that is always the case in some form. If it isn’t bad … read more

Hay To The Rescue

Posted by Krisann on Mar 4th 2015

Like many people with livestock, this time of year is crunch time for hay supplies. Our goats wasted more hay this winter than we had planned for (a problem that we have since fixed, and will continu … read more

Heated Buckets

Posted by Krisann on Jan 30th 2015

We recently installed heated water buckets in the barn, one in each stall for the horses and one for the goats. I probably should have done this years ago but I think I’ve finally had enough of … read more