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Snow Update: She’s A Rock Star Circus Pony

Posted by Krisann on Sep 2nd 2016

Our original plan (with our vet) was to wait until this fall to test Snow for Cushing’s Disease because the test would be more accurate. However, despite the diet change, supplements, restricted … read more

Rain, rain, go away

Posted by Krisann on Oct 2nd 2015

   We are on day 5 (?) of rain here on the farm. Honestly, I’ve lost count. But here in eastern NC we’ve had a very, very wet week, and now a cold front moves in and soaks us eve … read more

Hay To The Rescue

Posted by Krisann on Mar 4th 2015

Like many people with livestock, this time of year is crunch time for hay supplies. Our goats wasted more hay this winter than we had planned for (a problem that we have since fixed, and will continu … read more

Snowy Farm

Posted by Krisann on Feb 26th 2015

  We got our first snow of the winter this week on the farm… four inches, which makes for pretty pictures, but doesn’t help much when chores have to be done. The goats and horses st … read more

Record Low Temps

Posted by Krisann on Feb 19th 2015

The news is all aflutter with statements about record low temps for eastern NC today, tonight and tomorrow morning, complicated by the 25+ mph winds bringing the wind chill factor down to zero degrees … read more